The respect and the protection of the environment are part of our commitment to delivering excellence to clients.

We comply with all client environmental requirements, environmental policy, environmental legislation and requirements. To achieve this, the environmental policy is communicated and implemented across all projects.
Tom Mc Nicholas Builders Limited undertakes the following for all projects:

  • Promote the efficient use of resources and ensure pollution prevention. Any environmental consequences of our activities are appropriately managed, this includes influencing other contractors.
  • Ensure all environmental aspects and risks are identified and managed.
  • Set environmental objectives and targets as part of our overall project strategy.
  • Implement environmental management procedures and plans to ensure project requirements are achieved.
  • Ensure the suitability and effectiveness of our suppliers and partners in delivering the requirements of this policy.
  • Review planned activities and our performance against stated objectives.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the environmental management system and the environmental performance of our project.

This policy is available to the public and will be reviewed annually; any changes will be communicated to project employees and partners.

The successful implementation of this policy is underpinned by the continual commitment of the company’s project management team under the leadership of the company director who will ensure all staff at all levels and subcontractors provide a positive environmental culture on our projects.