Our sustainability policy combines human, social, environmental and economic developments.

  • Human: we implement an active recruitment policy, promoting fair opportunities to all members of society. Training programmes are offered to challenge and improve both professional skills and personal development. The company promotes a high standard of occupational health and safety, applying local and international standards. The health and well-being of employees is one of our main concerns. Employee initiatives, such as participation in innovation challenges are also encouraged.
  • Social: We will seek to build a safe, secure and stable employee community, based on an effective management system, strong company culture and company identity. The company is engaged in developing and supporting community-oriented projects, involving employees and their families, jointly with other community stakeholders as part of our corporate social responsibility.
  • Environmental: We are committed to continually improving our environmental performances. We evaluate and mitigate environmental risks, monitor and report environmental aspects, minimize natural resources depletion and waste generation, mitigate environmental nuisances, recycle waste material, prevent pollution and finally, preserve local biodiversity. Environmentally friendly solutions will be always analysed and considered during procurement purchasing and design processes.
  • Economic: We promote the respect of the construction sector’s best practices. Our business is conducted by performance driven teams interfacing proactively and equitably with local business communities.

It is the responsibility of all employees, through the guidance of management, to understand, promote and participate in the implementation of this policy. Employees are actively encouraged to raise awareness to sustainable development principles and to disseminate information at work and at home on company actions in this respect.